Donut Falls

My best friend Maddy’s was in town Memorial Day weekend and she wanted to do a local hike.  After asking around for kid friendly hikes we had several people tell us to go up to Donut Falls.  So on Sunday we headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon for a beautiful, muddy hike.

Snow capped mountains

Snow capped mountains

When we got there we were bummed to find out that the gate to the closer parking lot was closed which meant we had to hike the additional distance from the canyon road not to big of a deal because it is paved.  It started raining as soon as we parked so we hung out in the car a few minutes then it let up into a light mist.  Once we reached the trail head I was glad to find a small restroom available (and it was clean) which is great with having a little one.  With all the rain that had fallen during the week and that mornings rain the trail was quite muddy, but even our little hiker kept on trekking.

Olivia was a trooper

Olivia was a trooper!

The rain let up completely when we were about half way there and the path became a little less muddy once we crossed the bridge going over the river.  Then we continued on up another half a mile or less.  Once we reached the falls we realized we had to cross the river and hike up the other side.  Tim  and Olivia headed down, but Maddy and I crossed!

We hiked across!

We hiked across!

With our shoes soaking wet and our feet freezing we realized the danger of slipping if we continued all the way up.  Not wanting to risk hurting the tiny growing baby or her being stuck in Utah with an injury we made the decision to go back across and hike out. But not without getting a shot from the base of the falls!

Donut Falls

Donut Falls



Make sure to add this family friendly hike to your bucket list, you won’t be sorry!

If you are looking for more ideas to do with your family checkout our indoor and outdoor family fun pages. And If your family goes on an adventure I would love for you to share the story with all of our MOMS on the blog! Just send me an email to set it up!

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