Date Night

My husband Tim and I have found a lot of tension between us recently and neither one of us wanted to admit it.  Finally one day I broke down and we were able to discuss things openly.  I was feeling lonely and lost almost like I was going at it all alone.  In Arkansas I had a great “additional” support system and it takes time to establish a new one when family is over 1500 miles away. His travel schedule is very chaotic which leaves him little time for family. So, when he is home he wants to spend as much time with Olivia as possible, and I was starting to feel “hey what about me?”

Children change things in your relationship after 7+ years together we had Olivia and it was no longer about just us two. We had to learn to make time for us and we have found that when there is tension between us it is usually a combination of an outside stress one of us feels the burden to carry alone and that we are not making our marriage a priority.

So after our discussion we began looking for some date night ideas that we could do at home after Olivia goes to bed besides laying in bed or on the couch watching something on Netflix.  Here is our list of at home ideas:

  • Purchase a new board game that neither of you have played before and learn to play it together.  We are considering Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan.
  • A chocolate tasting.  We found this suggestion here and we are both chocoholics.  If you aren’t you could go by whole foods and have a cheese tasting instead.
  •  Find a new recipe you both want to try and cook it together. This was ours and it was amazing!
  • Go out into the backyard and use a chart to see how many constellations you can find. Here is an app to help you out!
  • Check out the same book together at the library and read it together.  I thought this was a neat idea because it would be ongoing and give you something more to discuss besides kids and work.

Occasionally we like to hire a baby sitter and go out, but we don’t always want to just go out to eat; we like to get out and do something. So once again we started a list of things in Utah that we would like to go do.

  • Bowling – Check out the Specials at All-Star Bowling in Draper or Sandy; we love to bowl even though we stink!
  • Liberty Park – The park has a ton to offer, but we really want to check out the paddle boats.
  • Full Moon Lift Ride at Sundance – I know its a bit of a drive, but I think it would be worth it and the fee to go up is only $25.
  • Volunteer Together – We used to do this all the time prior to having Olivia and when we ran across the idea we added it to the list because it has been awhile since we volunteered our time together.
  • Canopy Tours High Ropes Course –  This is out at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi a couple of different people have suggested this to me and even though Tim is a bit scared of heights he said he would do it with me after the baby comes.

You can find all these suggestions on our new Date Night Page; if you have suggestions please leave them in the comments so everyone can have a whole list of new ideas to add to their list!

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One thought on “Date Night

  1. Mary Visnovsky says:

    Speaking of star gazing the Northern Lights can be seen tonight (23 Jun Tues) if you can get away from the city lights. The weather men suggest the ski resorts or backside if the Wasatch. Bill and I used to do this with the kids and we fondly called them “PJ rides”. Often the kids would fall asleep in the car and so we didn’t have to pay a babysitter.

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