A Year to Fiercely Flourish

Hello moms! As we are about to begin MOPS 2015-2016 “A Fierce Flourishing” Year, I have been reflecting on how this theme applies to my life as a mom and what it really means to Embrace Rest, Notice Goodness and Celebrate Lavishly so ultimately I could Flourish as a woman, a mom, and a wife.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know how to apply this to my life. I didn’t quite “get it”. It seemed like MOPS was stretching it to make it work, but what I didn’t realize, that I myself needed to actually put the 3 points of this years theme in to practice. It wasn’t until then, that I finally understood what this theme really means and how much I’m blessed by it!

As I have been reflecting on these 3 points of rest, noticing goodness and celebration, I realized how often I have filled my time with things that really don’t matter and how many times I have missed the point.  There have been many parties and celebrations that I have spent tons of time being busy by perfecting the plans, and decor that by the time the party rolls around, I’m too tired to actually enjoy it.

Being the mom of 2 boys, soon to be 3, I have realized that children really do grow quickly.  My oldest began Kindergarten this year. This major milestone in his life snuck up out of NO WHERE.  Where did the time go?  Where did my little baby boy go? He now proudly goes to school and I feel the ties that binds him to me begin to unwind as he takes steps forward to one day becoming an adult, a man, who I hope I haven’t failed or forgotten to teach him something important or valuable.  As I prepare myself for the birth of #3, I look at my soon to be middle child and cannot believe that he is my wild, independent little boy who soon will no longer be my “baby”.

They are only little once and it is for such a short time, I need to stop and embrace this time with them, to take ques from them and live life with unabashed celebration like they do (well, maybe not quite like they do because for them, it sometimes includes running through the house naked).  But by slowing down to stop and rest, to notice all the good things in life and to celebrate all the big and little daily events.

Soaking up these moments with my boys, the seasons of life that can sometimes seem mundane and monotonous, these are the important ones.  It isn’t a time to be running around with our checklists of perfection, or lists of daily activities that must be done that I barely have time to notice the beautiful rainstorm or sunset, the thoughtfulness of my oldest when he brings me a flower to put in my hair (really?!? how can you not stop for that?).

I remember a time when I was in college, I realized one day, that I had been so busy with my classes, 4 to 6 hour science labs and training for Track and Field that I hadn’t stopped to notice the clouds in the sky…the clouds!  When did we allow ourselves to get this busy in life? Do you remember a time where you just stopped the craziness and just enjoyed simple things like clouds?!?  I do, and it was a long time ago.

It is really easy for us moms to fill our time with lots of activity and then end up missing the precious moments in life, like the unplanned moments with our kids that can only happen when we have actually stopped in our busyness and hear their little voice say the funniest things or run around with joy that we have forgotten how to do ourselves because we are too busy to let loose.  Let this new MOPS year break down the walls of rigidity and planning in your life, so we can all Embrace rest, Notice the Good and Celebrate in ways we have forgotten or never experienced before, so we can FLOURISH in who we were created to be!  Take the challenge this year to stop the craziness by Embracing Rest so you can Notice the Good things in life and once you do those things, you will be able to Celebrate life Lavishly!

Andrea Madison GCBC MOPS Coordinator

Andrea Madison,  GCBC MOPS Coordinator

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