November 11th: Fiercely Safe

Navigating through parenthood is often a trial and error scenario.  What works with one little person doesn’t with the other and we raise them often hoping that they just turn out right.  Fortunately, we can do some things with the assurance that we are doing them right; one of them being, keeping our children safe.  This is perhaps one of the most important things we can strive to accomplish in this chaotic phase of life!

At the November 11th meeting, Cambree Applegate from Safe Kids Utah came and spoke to us at length in regards to car seat safety and reviewed general safety guidelines we can keep in mind and implement at home.  Many things about keeping little ones safe seem like common sense and would be straight forward, however there are times that things are not.


We are very appreciative of Cambree for coming and enlightening us on many of the in’s and out’s of carseat safety and we hope that you are able to implement her tips and ensure that your child is kept safe in the event the unthinkable happens.

Speaking to GCBC MOPS about car seat safety

Speaking to GCBC MOPS about car seat safety

If you are interested in having your car seats inspected, please check out the links below.  Many of them require an appointment and various locations have set days and times in the week that they perform inspections.  Having your seats inspected provides the ultimate peace of mind. (Utah)

To see all the details of our MOPS meeting for announcements, discussion and details, click HERE to read our November 11th Meeting Minutes.

Feel free to CONTACT us if you have any questions or want any further info from this Meeting.

Andrea 3

Written by: Andrea Madison, GCBC MOPS Coordinator

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