In Tune with the Master

     In December, I very hesitantly agreed to do the post for January.  December flew by for me just like it did for all of you. On Saturday, as the last of our visiting family left I recalled my agreement. With panic setting in, I emailed Tiffani to say I would work on it on Sunday afternoon to get it completed.  After three unsuccessful attempts, I decided to give it a break.

     Asking the Lord for what He would have me write about, I was still drawing a blank. There are many New Year’s and January related topics that readily come to our minds…resolutions, new beginnings, etc. I was looking in my Bible, old tried and true devotionals, old study notes…to no avail. It is now Monday night and how am I going to face Tiffani at the Steering Meeting tomorrow?  I start to pick up a bit before getting ready for bed and glance at a little leather bound book under my night stand that I haven’t noticed for a very long time, “hope for Each Day, Words of Wisdom and Faith” by Billy Graham. The entry for January 1 is titled “In Tune with the Master.” How fitting!

I am quoting it below:

Psalm 32:7

You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.

     “Out West an old Sheepherder had a violin, but it was out of tune. He had no way of tuning it, so in desperation he wrote to one of the radio stations and asked them at a certain hour on a certain day to strike the tone “A.” The officials of the station decided they would accommodate the old fellow, and on the particular day the true tone of “A” was broadcast. His fiddle was thus tuned, and once more his cabin echoed with joyful music.

     When we live apart from God, our lives get out of tune… out of harmony with others and with God. But if we live in tune with the Master, we, too, will find ourselves surrounded by His beautiful music.

     As this new year begins, as God to help you tune your life every day to His Word, so you can bring harmony and joy to those around you.”

     This so struck me as whit I would wish for you (and myself) for 2016, God’s beautiful music of harmony and joy for us and those around us. God bless you with His music, beautiful music, of harmony and joy!

In His love,

Kathy Lowe

Kathy Lowe

2 thoughts on “In Tune with the Master

  1. Mary A. Visnovsky says:

    That’s exactly how I feel when I neglect to read and obey God’s Word. I need it to tune my life and to enjoy joyous fellowship with my God. Thanks Kathy !

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