Covid – 19 Plan for 2020-2021

During these unusual times we are having to adjust and make plans that we would have never imagined just 6 months ago…

No matter what happens, we know that now, more than ever, this is the time that we need community and support; to be strong and chase joy despite our circumstances.
Through all of this, we are Deciding to Rise


As much as we want our usual MOPS & MOMSnext meetings back the way they were before: a meeting that provided a much needed break, a hot meal, coffee that you didn’t loose somewhere in your house or reheat 15 times, deep conversations and personal growth, all the while our little ones are being loved on in MOPS Kids; we instead are adjusting and making plans to provide a space for EVERY mom that still accomplishes these important things.

Since MOPS & MOMSnext is for every mom, we have adjusted our meeting offerings in order to meet each mom where they are with their comfort level and need for personal safety and health precautions.

These plans are for the 2020-2021 Year ONLY

In Person Meeting Option

  • 2nd & 4th Tuesday 7 – 9 PM
  • No Childcare (See ‘Childcare’)
  • Food provided by MOPS i.e. No potluck this Fall (See ‘Food’)
  • Masks Optional (See ‘Masks’)
  • Social Distancing respected per individual (See measures being taken below)

Virtual Meeting Option

  • Live or Pre-Recorded meetings (2nd & 4th Tuesdays 7-9 PM) of the in-person meetings so you will get all of the same content as you would in-person (TBD)
  • Virtual Table groups via Zoom, FB Room or another platform (TBD) so you can still connect and develop relationships
  • Physical meeting items will be delivered to you: Welcome Gift, Craft Kits, Door Prizes and more

Group Fees

  • $80 In-Person Meeting
  • $80 Virtual Meeting
  • Both are eligible for Early Bird Discount ($20) Last day to take advantage of this discount is at our Open House, August, 25
  • Fee covers MOPS International Dues ($32), cost of supplies to run our meetings, craft/activity supplies, and food for In person Meetings

We are offering a flat rate of $80 irregardless of the meeting format you choose because you will still be receiving all of the same benefits whether you are in person or virtual. This will also allow you the opportunity to move seamlessly between the two formats through out the year.

We will reassess the Group Fee in December for the Spring Meetings and determine if more fees will be due or not. Additional fees due will be dependent on factors of whether we have childcare or not and cost of food.


We are not offering Childcare at this time in an official capacity such as MOPS Kids. The decision was made in conjunction with Grace Community Bible Church and their facility as well as the fact that many of our childcare workers are in the high-risk category and we want to make sure we keep them safe. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this or other concerns.

We are hoping and praying that come January we will be able to return to MOPS “as usual” and offer MOPS Kids, but we will explore those options in December when planning for our Spring Meetings.

Social Distancing

We are following guidelines set forth by the CDC and our host: Grace Community Bible Church.

We know that everyone has different comfort levels of social distancing and we want to respect each person’s decision and comfort level when in social situations. We will be utilizing a color coded system where everyone is alerted and creates space for respect of individuals in their level of personal safety and comfort.

Shaming and disrespecting others will not be tolerated.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this or other concerns.


Mask use is optional at our meetings.

Due to the fact that we eat and drink at our meetings, mask usage is not something we will be regulating. We are giving you space to make this choice and will respect anyone for their decision.

Shaming on any degree of mask usage will not be tolerated.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this or other concerns.

Safety Precautions

We will be taking all necessary safety precautions set forth by the CDC in keeping our space clean and minimize contact of high touch surfaces. Other ways we are taking precautions is that we will be meeting in Grace’s large meeting room in order to spread tables groups further apart, offer pre-packaged snacks purchased by MOPS, hand sanitizer through out the room, and more.

Safety Disclaimer

Your decision to attend In person meetings is your choice and are assuming any inherent risk that comes with that. While we are taking every effort to put safety precautions in place, we expect personal responsibility from you for your attendance of our meetings. We expect you to take precautions for your health such as washing your hands and not coming to meetings if you are sick.

**If you have been feeling unwell or have recently been around someone for an extended period of time who has tested positive for Covid-19, we ask that you do not attend in-person meetings and move to the online format until you are well or cleared. Sandy MOPS & MOMSnext as well as our host, Grace Community Bible Church are not responsible or liable for the risks that individuals are assuming by attending our in person meetings.


Register for Sandy MOPS and MOMSnext TODAY

We are so excited to have you be part of Sandy MOPS & MOMSnext this year. In all honesty, this year’s theme could not be more providential to what is going on in our world today and we want to invite you in to our table. No matter the format you choose; join our global sisterhood where we can be a force for good in the world because after all, when we’re better moms, we make a better world.

  • If you have already completed a MOPS Registration form, we have made some updates and you will need to complete a new registration form again.
  • If you have not completed a registration form yet, then you’re in luck…you only have to do it ONCE!

If you have already submitted a payment, you will be refunded the difference accounting for the new dues structure.

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