Find Your Fire

Hello! It’s your incoming MOPS Coordinator here, Amanda Good. I am so excited about this new theme for MOPS 2018-19: Find Your Fire.

I am still in the process of unpacking the many aspects of this theme, but was initially struck by the imagery that is associated with fire. Fire is a tool, it’s always moving and changing. It is a place where people congregate, it provides light and protection. Whatever the context, fire is not to be ignored. One of the first things that came to my mind about the word fire is the idea of passion. As women, and specifically mothers, we are strong and powerful. We are passionate about our children and families and will stop at nothing to protect them. There is a fire within us!

But if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can lose some of that “spark.”

Next year we will embark on a journey of transformation to find our fire and help it grow using this theme verse as a guide:

“Never let the fire go out… when you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient. When you pray, be faithful. Share with God’s people who are in need. Welcome others into your homes.” Romans 12:11-13

We will:

1. Live Expectantly – This is our bold reminder to think about what could go right.

Are you someone who constantly worries and over-thinks things? We can sometimes find ourselves paralyzed and feeling completely stuck. With this idea of “Living Expectantly” we are going to explore what it would be like to start with just one thing. Have faith and hope, and give it a try!

2. Surrender Daringly – This is our bold reminder to let things go.

This is an area where I need so much help. My “Type-A” personality feels a constant need to be in control of people and situations in my life; maybe you feel this way too! There are so many opinions and expectations all around us, especially in motherhood. And there are so many unknown things that we can’t control. Let’s find new ways to surrender and let things go.

3. Breathe Freely – This is our bold reminder to let yourself be loved.

“Transformation isn’t about self improvement, it’s about love. How would we live differently if we were convinced that we were worthy, that we were enough, and that we were loved completely?” – Mandy Arioto

Not only do we need to let ourselves be loved, we can make an effort to love one another, within our MOPS group and beyond. Romans 12:13 talks about serving others in tangible ways. I have seen this happen so much in our group over the past year, and I want to keep seeing more! We can support, encourage, and help each other when we need it. Honestly, some days it is hard to see the positive, but I hope we would all be reminded and truly believe that “you are a great mom” and “it is going to be ok.” We can breathe freely and let ourselves be loved.

“Some women fear the fire, others tend their God-given fire and use it to light up their hearts and the world. Let’s be those women.”

Registration for Sandy MOPS 2018-19 is open! Register today and join us on a journey of transformation.


You can see a full theme summary from MOPS International here.

Dialogic Reading & Creating a Literacy Rich Home

On February 27, 2018 we had the privilege of hearing Janice Johannesen, LSW speak to our MOPS group about dialogic reading. She focused on sharing ways that we, as mothers, can help create a literacy rich environment within our homes. Check out this sweet note she sent that includes some additional resources:

Grace MOPS moms,

I want to start by saying thank you so much for the privilege of coming and talking at your group this morning. Like I mentioned before, your group has a special place in my heart and it was an honor to give back to a group that has blessed my life.
I hope you found my presentation on dialogic reading enjoyable and useful. I wanted to give you all some more resources that you can go to for making your home a literacy rich environment. Some of my favorites are:
And for those moms who were asking me about Intermountain Christian School, here is our website, Both Jennifer and myself would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have as moms of students and employees of ICS.
Janice Johannesen, LSW
Early Childhood Teacher
Intermountain Christian School
Jennifer Adema

Giving Back: Backpacks for Foster Care

Yesterday at MOPS we held our annual Service Project Meeting and put together backpacks for children who are removed from homes in emergency situations and enter into the Utah Foster Care system. Now 30 children will receive a backpack that we hope will show them that they are loved and cared for, that they will make it through this situation, and that they matter. God calls us to love the least among us (Matthew 25:40) and to care for the orphans among us (James 1:27, Deuteronomy 14:29), and this was such an amazing way to do just that.

As women, there are many things that pull at our heartstrings and call us to take action in life. From the moment when we first become a mother, our inner “mama bear” is awoken within us and we begin to truly understand the depth of passion and love we have for not only our own little ones, but also others that are in need. Through this passion as moms we get to rise up and take action to show a small token of love to children who are in tough and difficult situations that we hope and pray they never have to experience again.

The Foster Care system is something that we almost all know by name and a small snippet of what they do, but we don’t necessarily know all that is involved in placing children in a – hopefully – loving home. We are so thankful to Timi, one of our Sandy MOPS mamas, who opened up and shared about her experience with fostering her two littlest children (that ultimately led to her amazing adoption stories and those two little lives being changed for the better forever!).

If you are interested in learning more about fostering because you have felt a tugging on your heartstrings: perhaps you feel that God is calling you to care for the orphans among us in an even bigger way, please visit for more information about how to become a foster parent or to get involved in respite care.

Becoming a foster parent isn’t for everyone but, as Timi shared with us, there is still such a need for support for families of foster children. When a child is placed in a new home we can support that family by providing meals or setting up and completing an Amazon Wish List. No matter the age of the child, and no matter how long they may be with that family in their home, the family still has a period of adjustment (much like bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital!). The love and support we can show these families is one small way we can care for those in need and the orphans among us.

Thank you all the Women at Sandy MOPS who donated and gave of time and resources to make this service project a success. You are all amazing women who are world changers.

Better Moms. Better World.

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Recipe Swap

Wow it’s been a minute since we’ve done a blog post! At long last we have a post for you… one we hope you will love since it contains: FOOD! Our annual recipe swap is always such a fun meeting. It’s a great time to sit back, enjoy food and conversation, and of course to come home with a few new recipes to add to your family’s “rotation.” You can download all the recipes HERE.

Just in time for holiday parties, we have recipes for dips and sides galore:

  1. Creamy cheesy spinach dip
  2. Chips & queso dip
  3. Shrimp dip/spread
  4. Garlic artichoke dip **
  5. Pineapple casserole with cheddar crust
  6. Spinach, apple and pecan salad **
  7. Snickers salad with apples (ok, this is really more like a dessert!) **


Next, some new meals for your family to enjoy:

  1. Cilantro lime chicken tacos **
  2. Buttery crockpot chicken
  3. Korean ground beef and rice bowls
  4. Brigitte’s favorite fall & winter pork loin
  5. Chicken roll-ups
  6. Hearty meatless minestrone


And finally, some delicious sweet treats to indulge:

  1. Pumpkin praline bars
  2. Double-chip delight cookie bars
  3. S’mores bars **
  4. Easy brownie cookeis
  5. Richest ever chocolate chip cookies
  6. Frosted brownies
  7. Chocolate no bake energy bites


Winning dishes are marked with **



Meeting Recap


Hello Ladies,

It has been a great start to the year.  I have been super busy and unfortunately when I get super busy somethings have to fall off my ever balancing plate and this time it was the MOPS Blog.  I know it’s a bummer because I want this to be a great resource to you!

Today’s devotional was given by Andrea Madison and it focused on one of the sub themes for “We are the Starry Eyed”: Wonder.  MOPS International’s explanation of this aspect of our theme can be seen in this video which was shown during the meeting and you can see it here. Wonder, which by definition means: “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable” can be tied together with the verse Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to me and I will show you great and unsearchable things”. Andrea reminded us that we are so busy as moms that we sometimes forget to slow down, pause and look at all the beauty and all the wonder-filled world around us, just as our children do.  They are  not busy running around tied to lists and deadlines, they are pausing and enjoying the world around them, looking at bugs, the clouds, flowers and wondering about all things new.  We need to be more like this.  Over the last several years MOPS International keeps talking about living life with “reckless abandon” and until recently, Andrea struggled to really grasp what that looks like in one’s life, until she was at Cornbelly’s this past weekend and was watching her son, JJ, rolling around and playing on the bounce bubble.  He was laying in the sand doing sand angels with pure happiness and joy.  This was the perfect picture of wonder and reckless abandon that we all need to strive for in our lives.

This week’s verse is: Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

We also received the photo directory.  If you did not receive your copy please let your table leader know and we can get you one!  This will not be published on the website as your privacy is our priority and our new web-server does not offer a way to password protect it.

A few announcements:

Brandie had her baby girl, Caroline, and was at MOPS!  Congratulations and you go girl!

We have a Mom’s Night Out on Saturday.  You can find an evite here, if you missed it in your email.

The church youth hosts a Fall Festival, it is a ton of fun and it is indoors!  This year it is on Monday Oct 24th.

You can find all the information in the October newsletter.

We speed friended today.  Feel free to answer a few of the questions in the comments below and see who you have things in common with:

1-What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
2-What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a mom?
3-What surprised you most about being a mom?
4-Where would you go on  your dream vacation?
5-What is one of your best memories from your childhood?
6-If you weren’t raising your children as you are now, what would you be doing?
7-Where did you and your husband meet?
8-What is your perfect date night?
9-Out of all the wonderful qualities you love about your husband, which one do you hope your children inherit?
10-What cartoon do you hate most that your kids love?
11-What is one thing you would like to learn?
12-What would you do if you had an hour to yourself with out your children.

I hope to see you all at the Mom’s Night out on Saturday at 7pm!