Treehouse Museum

A couple of weekends ago we were looking for something to do indoors that we haven’t already done a bazillion times like Jungle Jims and the Aquarium.  While they are both fantastic; I get bored easily when it is the same old thing.  We had heard a lot about the Treehouse Museum so we got in the car and drove up to Ogden.  I thought it was further away, but it only took us an hour to get there.  I thought the admission price was very fairy at $5 per adult and $7 for children. If we were not moving out to Eagle Mountain (making the drive an hour and forty-five minutes) I would have definitely bought a membership! Around every corner there are different ways that the children can create their own stories.  I will share a few pictures below of the fun we had:

Caring for a crying baby in the Dr.'s office.

They get to pretend to be doctors in a doctor’s office.  They can dress up and look at specimens under microscopes, review x-rays, and even care for babies in the nursery.

Having tea in Britain with Peter Rabbit and Daddy.

We traveled to Great Britain and read stories about Peter Cottontail; he even joined Olivia and Tim for Tea!

Driving the firetruck.

Olivia like most kids love firetrucks. So she had to drive this one.

She learned to milk a cow!

They have a full size cow (pretend) that the kids can learn to milk.  I have milked cows in the past; I was kind of shocked at how realistic it was and that Olivia mastered it pretty quickly!

Exploring a Tipee

If your kiddo is into playing Indians then they will love exploring their life-size tepee .

I hope this doesn’t spoil too much as it really just scratches the surface of the exhibits that the treehouse museum is has set up.  So this Summer if you are looking for a place to beat the heat or we by chance have some rain come our way drive up to Ogden and step into a story at the Treehouse Museum.