October 13 Meeting Recap

Thank you everyone for coming and making today’s meeting a success.


The doors at the top of the stairs will no longer be unlocked; please use the lower level doors.  You can precheck your children at the computer in the hall.  If you have preschoolers and 1 year olds you can then take them directly to their class if you choose to.

Please RSVP to the Mom’s Night Out next week October 20th.  We will be eating at Rumbi at 6pm and going to Color Me Mine at 7pm.

Children’s Fall Festival October 29th 6 – 7pm at Grace Community Bible Church

Operation Christmas Child –  you can pick up a box at the church and drop it off at the November 10th meeting.

Please see the blog article about GCBC womens crafts day on November 14th.  If you are interested you must purchase your crafts before November 1st as they will only have enough for pre-paid crafts.  You can bring the funds to the meeting on October 27th and we will ensure they get to the coordinator.

The photo directory is now live and the password was given out – for our moms protection if you need this information please contact Tiffani or Andrea.

Jen Witherspoon gave a great devotional from our MOPS book for the year talking about vulnerability.  She discussed how we all have to be vulnerable to make friendships.  Some friendships happen automatically but most take a lot of work and people being willing to be vulnerable.  My personal take away is that if someone asks to bless you with help let them as hard as it might be.

We then watched a video about friendship.  It also made some amazing points.  She discussed accepting each other as we are so that we can strengthen each other.  It also talked about not trying to one up each other because that is toxic behavior over time. I liked the idea of coming together to celebrate one another.  I think it would be a great idea at the end of the year to go around and share one thing that you value about each one of the moms at your table.

Then we did Speed Friending at our tables to get to know everyone.  We answered the following questions:

Name of Friend
How many kids and ages
Where are you from
Were you named after anyone
What is your middle name
What time do you wake up and go to bed?
What is the last book you read?
What is your favorite view on all the earth?
What is your favorite smell?
What do you like to do for fun?
How do you relax?
Do you keep Christmas cards or throw them out?
Have you ever met someone famous?
If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule what would it be and why?
What is one goal you would like to accomplish this year?

I encourage you to share your answers if you missed with your table and to ask the moms at your table for theirs.

This year we want to notice goodness in our friendships so together we can embrace rest and celebrate lavishly.

GCBC Craft Day – hosted by the Women’s Ministry

Hey Ladies,

The women’s ministry at Grace Community Bible Church is hosting a craft day on Saturday November 14th in the church fellowship room. (That’s where we meet for MOPS).  If you are interested you can see the information listed below.  Please note that they will serve lunch for $3 and there are numerous crafts to choose from; you can also bring your own project to finish.  You must pay for the crafts in advance, no later than November 1st.  If you wish to bring the funds to the next MOPS meeting on October 27th; we can ensure they get to the coordinator of the event.

IMG_2794 - Copy IMG_2794

Fall Wreath $25

Fall Wreath $25


Button Design on Canvas $9 each

Button Pillow with Insert $14

Button Pillow with Insert $14

Wooden Candle Holders Set of 3 for $21

Wooden Candle Holders Set of 3 for $21

Coasters set of 4 for $6

Coasters set of 4 for $6

Fabric Pumpkins set of 3 for $10

Fabric Pumpkins set of 3 for $10


Box of Thankfulness $8

Meet the Steering Team

You will be able to locate our bios and contact information here. As we want to protect all of our moms privacy you can locate the password in your email or request it from Tiffani.

Steering Team


Andrea Madison – Coordinator


Tiffani Kennedy – Publicity Team Leader


Nicole Hayes – Finance


Juli Davidson – Creative Activities


Sara Schulte – Discussion Group Team Leader


Jennifer Witherspoon – Hospitality/Service

Meeting Recap- Sept 22nd

If you missed today, you missed a great food brought by our table leaders and mentor moms.  We also did an amazing craft organized by Juli, our creative activities coordinator.  She had everything arranged for us to make magnets as a way to notice goodness.  We can use the magnets to hang artwork from our kiddos on the fridge reminding us to take time and notice the goodness in our lives each and every day.

Here is an example of what was done:IMG_3303

If you would like to recreate this craft at home you will need:

Round Magnets
Strip Magnets
Bottle Caps
Clothes Pins
Scrapbook paper
Super Glue
Hot Glue
Mod Podge

Use the super glue to attach the magnets to the bottle caps and clothes pins.  The Mod Podge will seal the scrapbook paper to protect it from damage.  Use the hot glue to affix any embellishments you choose. Let your creativity flourish.

Please share your designs with us in the comments!