2020-2021 Group Guidelines

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I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I know that full well. PSALM 139:14


Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made, you have work to do; meaningful work that was built into your DNA before you were born. Work that you were made for. Sometimes, we believe that our motherhood is a constraint that limits what we can do in this life. We want to remind you that motherhood isn’t a constraint – it’s a catalyst.

Is it possible that through this MOPS community of ours, each of us could reignite a sense of strength, joy and courage back into ourselves, our homes and our culture? This is the year we arise as mothers to awaken a weary and sleeping world. The year to accept and believe that God will fulfill his promises to you, and to embrace your motherhood as a catalyst to his plans and promises for you.

Here are the three things we will do to remind ourselves of who God made us to be:

BE STRONG: Arise as a mother. This is your year to get strong physically and mentally. To own the body you’ve been given and build muscle and stamina so you can do all the things that God is calling you to do.
DO YOUR WORK: Doing your work happens in big and small, but always significant ways. It’s about persevering through the daily grind of essential but mundane tasks; and it’s also about making brave choices to do new things.
CHASE JOY: Actively seeking out joy is how we fight discouragement and fear. It’s how we fight our tendency to complain, accuse or be offended. Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you will respond to life in all its circumstances.


At MOPS, we grow and develop relationships with individuals at our meetings from time spent at our table groups through the content of each meeting and the conversations that we have with one another.  Please keep in mind the following rules and guidelines as we all come from different backgrounds with different perspectives and points of view:

1. We agree to protect each other through confidentiality. Anything said within the table group should not be discussed outside the group unless specific permission is given to do so.

2. We will provide the opportunity for each woman at the table to talk, and will encourage her to feel comfortable with expressing herself.

3. We will take the time to really listen to others in the group.

4. We will avoid examples and conversations about other people. We will be open and will talk about ourselves and our own situations.

5. We will be sensitive in giving advice.

6. We will be continuously aware of diversity within our group. We will be careful to not degrade others by making derogatory comments about churches, life situations, parenting choices or politics. Our goal is to keep it positive!

7. We will create and maintain a stable environment where MOPS is a safe place to just be ourselves.



You’re a mom, and having your phone is vital to keep your life moving and managed. While your phone is important, we do ask that you be courteous to those around you during our meetings. Please refrain from using your phone and various apps during meetings, particularly when we have a speaker, video or discussion time. You made the effort to be at here and we want you to get the most out of it!


We are a breastfeeding friendly group. Newborns and babies are welcome to stay with moms during our meeting up until age 1.  We have wonderful workers in our MOPS Kids program and Nursery that we hope you will utilize as soon as you are ready, even before age 1.  One of our MOPS Kids workers will come and get you if your child needs your attention.


Our group dues guarantee you a spot to attend GCBC MOPS & MOMSnext. These dues help cover costs to run our program and we are able to plan the year accordingly. From time to time, circumstances prevent a mom from being able to continue to attend our meetings, whether it be due to moving away from our area, needing to return to work, or circumstances at home; we are more than happy to refund a pro-rated amount of the remaining year. Unfortunately, we are not able to refund your membership fees retroactively. If you fail to inform us of a change, we will still be planning meetings and providing childcare in consideration of your presence. Please notify the Group Coordinator or Finance Coordinator as soon as you know of a life change and we will work with you accordingly.


We follow Canyons School District cancel/delay schedule. Sandy MOPS & MOMSnext will cancel meetings if school is cancelled and depending on the delayment of school we will make a determination the morning of and you will receive a Group email or a message from your Table Leader.


Being a mom gives us unique opportunities to make money and help provide for our families. These are wonderful opportunities and we want to support our moms and their endeavors! We do ask that you refrain from using MOPS & MOMSnext as a captive audience to market your business. We want our group to be a place all moms can come to, to feel welcomed, encouraged and supported; but we don’t want moms to feel taken advantage of at our meetings. If you are hosting a party, or want to share your business to the friends you have made in MOPS, feel free to, but please do so outside of meetings. MOPS and MOMSnext is for YOU! We would rather you be focused on the meeting content, theme, and personal growth that you get from the meetings and events instead.

As a group in general, we would love to support you in your business! If you would like to share your business with us, a donation of one of your products that includes your contact info to our door prize box or one of our various gifts/giveaways we do throughout the year is a great option! Thank you for your understanding.


Life is hard, people are hard, and figuring out how we can be friends and at peace with everyone we come in contact is a constant process in life. As a group of moms that come from all different backgrounds and perspectives, respect for one another is vital to growing deeper friendships with one another. Because of this, if you have a conflict with another member of our group, please seek resolution first with the individual, and if needed through the help of your Table Leader, Mentor Mom or the Group Coordinator. Gossiping and slander about the person you have conflict with or about GCBC MOPS and MOMSnext will not be tolerated. If a resolution, unfortunately, cannot be made, or the situation is best resolved by simply removing yourself from interaction with that person, please communicate with leadership to let us know how we can help accomplish this;  that may include having you move tables. We will make the necessary accommodations so each person can havethe best MOPS experience possible.


Our Special events help to promote fun experiences with opportunities for building deeper relationships within the group. We offer a variety of Moms Night Out activities, Play Date events, and more! Planning these events is hard work so we ask that you have a locked in RSVP 3 days before the event. We do understand that things happen. If something comes up and you can no longer attend, we ask that you would still be responsible for the cost of your slot (if applicable). MOPS will not make a profit off these events but things like craft nights or outings can require upfront money that we do not want to ask the group to take on due to last minute changes in attendance.

In order to celebrate our group, these events are for members of Sandy MOPS & MOMSnext and their guests. Please invite your friends to join us fr these special events!


The heart and purpose of the private Sandy MOPS & MOMSnext Facebook group is to give members a place to post that is going on in our hearts and homes, and to grow our community outside of MOPS meetings. Feel free to seek advice, arrange play dates, and share about life. Please be respectful and encouraging when posting to the page. Avoid polarizing topics such as politics and especially those not relating to motherhood (Please see “Discussion Group Guidelines” for met detail).

We do not allow solicitation of business in the group. We may occasionally have the opportunities to promote your business so moms can contact you if interested.

**Sandy MOPS & MOMSnext reserves the right to remo ve posts and comments at their discretions.**


Let’s face it, an emergency is scary and we all hope this will never happen, but in the instance that it does, please follow the procedures that are in place. Safety is GCBC’s number one goal for you and your children when you are attending any event at Grace.

When Evacuation is Necessary:

  • Please proceed out the exit in the MOPS room and head to the South sidewalk and parking lot.
  • Our MOPS Kids staff and volunteers are equipped to safely evacuate your children. Please do not retrieve your child from the nursery in the event of an emergency. You will be reunited with your child in the parking lot.


Our goal at MOPS is to provide a clean, safe, loving and nurturing environment for our little ones. Please make yourself familiar with our policies so we can assure each of our children can remain safe and healthy when they attend our group!

CHECK- IN PROCEDURE (Using *KidCheck):

  • Check-in begins at 9:15am.
  • Change his/her diaper before checking in.
  • Enter in phone # at kiosk or give number to MOPS KIDS greeter at desk. 
  • A name tag and a guardian receipt will be printed. You will be asked to provide guardian receipt for check-out. 
  • Parent or teacher will escort the child into his/her room.


Please DO NOT bring your child if they have:

  • Green runny nose
  • Rash
  • Fever within 24 hrs
  • Diarrhea within 24 hrs
  • Vomiting with 24hrs


During MOPS Kids children will hear Bible stories, have a prayer time, do a craft or coloring sheet, have snacks and participate in plenty of free play. We also expect the kids to help clean up!


  • Please make us aware of ANY allergies.
  • Rash creams or medications only administered under parent request.
  • Please label all of your child’s belongings.
  • No toys from home please.
  • SNACKS: No outside food due to possible allergen exposure.**0-23 month room: with parent permission; we provide Cheerios. **2 yrs and up we provide goldfish/animal crackers and water.
  • Diapering: Please communicate to us your preference on diapering your child. If your child is older than 12 months, we will diaper only based off of your instructions. We will always have 2 adults present when diapering. If toddler is potty training, please make sure your child is able to use the restroom without assistance or please use a pull-up or diaper during MOPS. 
  • Discipline: Praise and encouragement will be used to help all children follow routines and rules of the classrooms. We use redirection, reminders, and gentle correction to handle inappropriate behavior. Our teachers are proactive and actively engage all children, helping to minimize any issues. In extreme cases, an out-of-control child will be removed from the classroom or activity and the parent will be notified.
  • Our MOPS Kids workers will notify you immediately if your child needs you or if child cries for more than 10-15 minutes.