When we’re past the diaper years and sleeping through the night…

When we’re meeting more emotional needs than physical ones…

When we’re caught between our children needing us and not…

It’s time for MOMSnext.

As a MOMSnext mom, you’re adjusting your parenting to school age kids, whether they’re learning to read or learning to drive. A MOMSnext mom still needs a community in the busyness of life; to encourage and support each other as you navigate this next stage.


MOMSnext meets at the same meeting as MOPS, but at a separate table. We realize that moms with school age kids who are navigating a loud world where messages are bombarding them; we want to be the loudest voice they hear. We want to model to our children what doing something new looks like. We hope that our meetings and discussion time at the MOMSnext table serves to help equip, encourage, and develop ourselves to be better leaders and better moms through mentoring, conversation, relevant teaching and a social outlet from the busyness of life that this stage brings. We want moms to come and have fun, receive support, and relax!


Moms who are emerging from the little years, who’s children are school age, and they no longer need their moms for their every need. Mom’s who still want the community of moms that MOPS provided. A mom who wants a tribe of other moms in the same phase of life who are navigating through the new waters that this stage brings.
Wait, I still have little ones who aren’t in school! If so, please check out MOPS (Moms of Pre-Schoolers).


MOPS & MOMSnext meetings take place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month from 9:30 – 11:30 am (September – May). Please check our Calendar for current events and activities.


We meet at Grace Community Bible Church in Sandy, Utah.


If you are interested in MOPS & MOMSnext but aren’t sure if it is for you, you are always welcome to come try it out! If you become interested in being part of this group, please contact our Coordinators, Sabrina & Andrea.


What you can expect at your first meeting is to meet lots of other moms who are in the same stage of life, have great conversation, a listening ear and their encouragement.  Either a craft or a speaker that is providing practical tools to us moms and of course FOOD! (How could we meet with out that?!?!).


If your child/children are not in school during MOPS & MOMSnext meetings, please contact us and we will make arrangements within MOPS Kids.


Being part of MOPS & MOMSnext means you become a registered member. Being a registered member, you become part of something bigger; you become part of a community of women across the world who are world changers. You also receive many perks for being part of this membership. Additional information about the membership you can check it out at: