palm tree

Psalm 92:12

The righteous man will flourish like a palm tree.

God compares us to many things in the scriptures:  salt, mustard seed, light, etc.  Today we are going to look at PS 92:12 where we are compared to palm trees.  Why does God do this?  So we can better understand what HE desires for His children.

Let’s look at three qualities of a palm tree.

  1. GROWTH- A palm tree is known for their long life.  To flourish like palm trees means to stand tall and live long.  A palm tree never grows wild.  It has to be planted with intensive care.  It has an internal column of living tissue protected by it’s bark.  The bark can be bruised or cut but you cannot kill it.  With the tissue protecting underneath, the palm tree grows to the sky.   Our outward man is like the bark of the palm tree.  It can be abused and battered by many circumstances of life, but with much patience, perseverance, determination and feeding on God’s word and staying on our knees in prayer, we can grow in Christ.  II Peter 3:18
  1. USES- The palm tree has over 200 uses.  Wood, rope, textiles, mats, brooms, hats, food and rubber are just a few.  One use of the palm tree branches is found in John 12:12-13, where the people laid across Jesus’ path as HE made HIS triumphal entry into Jerusalem right before HIS crucifixion.  In comparison:  we yearn to be used by God in different ways:  to feed others, teach, reconcile, love and many other things.  The palm tree does not wither because it’s roots are deep.  We need to have deep roots in our Christian life to be strong.  We need to go deep and stay connected to HIM and trust God and grow stronger.  With these deep roots, a palm tree can bow and be tossed about in a storm, but won’t break.  CHRIST strengthens us in the storms of life that we face and can teach us to flourish, fiercely.
  1. FRUIT- In contrast with many fruit trees, the palm tree’s fruit is much sweeter when it is older. So should it be with us.  The more we mature in our Christian life, the more bountiful and sweet should be the fruit we bear as a result of a life in Christ Jesus.  Because of our life in Jesus Christ, we can flourish as we come along side of other women, who may not know Christ as Savior and Lord and we can share HIM with them.  1:10-12.  The pulp of the palm tree gives off oil when heated.  This is used in soaps and lotions.  When we find ourselves in the furnace of affliction, God wants to use us to be a healing balm to others.  They may be going through the same thing and we can be there to help them through it.  Fruits of the Spirit:  Gal.5: 22-23

Conclusion:  You may be bent over by the force of winds, but get up.   You may be bent, but you’re not broken.  Your roots are grounded in the word of the Almighty GOD, continually growing stronger as the storm rages on.  Don’t lose your peace or joy.  Keep your eyes on Jesus and have that FIERCE FLOURISHING that only HE can give.

Devotional By:


Mentor Mom – Martha Rudd

Steering Team positions

Hey all!

As our MOPS Group grows and our children too, GCBC MOPS group has some openings on the Steering Team coming up!

If you feel passionate about how great MOPS is and would love to serve other Mom’s please consider joining the team.  If you like the idea of serving but are unsure, just ask one of the Steering Team members what a great opportunity it is to be involved in making the lives of other mothers better. They would love to tell you all about it and answer any questions you may have.

If you feel that being on the Steering Team is a place for you, please fill out an APPLICATION and get it to our MOPS Coordinator.

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