Baby Friendly Jewelry

Being a mom and having the ability to look and feel put together doesn’t always happen.  Much of my jewelry went out the door once I entered motherhood.  It’s not that I could never wear it again, because there’s always date night and when our children are grown, it is more that my jewelry wasn’t always friendly or safe for them.  If it was a pricier piece of jewelry, I didn’t want to risk loosing such precious gems in case it broke or worse yet, (never mind the possible toxic materials) our babies chewing on a piece of jewelry; it breaks and they choke!

Being a mom in MOPS, we are part of a bigger picture, we are part of MOPS International; and like MOPS International that reaches out to the ends of the earth to help women, Wind Over Water Jewelry reaches out to impoverished women, partnering with them and providing them opportunities they would not have otherwise had.

Some features of their jewelry that are perfect for us moms are:

  • Beads made from non-toxic, lead free wood that are saliva friendly.
  • Strung on Japanese ribbon, made out of a high density, double faced satin that is both strong and non-toxic.
  • Clasps are made to break-away if pulled on too hard preventing the necklace from breaking.
  • If a nursing mom, there are styles that are asymmetrical, which are perfect for us busy moms to remind us of the side we last nursed on.

Wind Over Water Jewelry is an amazing organization and one that is worth supporting.  If interested in supporting them, you can do so through prayer, a monetary donation and best yet: get the word out!  You can even enter in to win the asymmetrical O-Ring Necklace. You can enter HERE.  Be sure to check out what their beta site and their mission and goal by clicking HERE and ‘LIKE’ them on Facebook.

Would love to hear your feedback on this opportunity for women around the world.