Giving Back: Backpacks for Foster Care

Yesterday at MOPS we held our annual Service Project Meeting and put together backpacks for children who are removed from homes in emergency situations and enter into the Utah Foster Care system. Now 30 children will receive a backpack that we hope will show them that they are loved and cared for, that they will make it through this situation, and that they matter. God calls us to love the least among us (Matthew 25:40) and to care for the orphans among us (James 1:27, Deuteronomy 14:29), and this was such an amazing way to do just that.

As women, there are many things that pull at our heartstrings and call us to take action in life. From the moment when we first become a mother, our inner “mama bear” is awoken within us and we begin to truly understand the depth of passion and love we have for not only our own little ones, but also others that are in need. Through this passion as moms we get to rise up and take action to show a small token of love to children who are in tough and difficult situations that we hope and pray they never have to experience again.

The Foster Care system is something that we almost all know by name and a small snippet of what they do, but we don’t necessarily know all that is involved in placing children in a – hopefully – loving home. We are so thankful to Timi, one of our Sandy MOPS mamas, who opened up and shared about her experience with fostering her two littlest children (that ultimately led to her amazing adoption stories and those two little lives being changed for the better forever!).

If you are interested in learning more about fostering because you have felt a tugging on your heartstrings: perhaps you feel that God is calling you to care for the orphans among us in an even bigger way, please visit for more information about how to become a foster parent or to get involved in respite care.

Becoming a foster parent isn’t for everyone but, as Timi shared with us, there is still such a need for support for families of foster children. When a child is placed in a new home we can support that family by providing meals or setting up and completing an Amazon Wish List. No matter the age of the child, and no matter how long they may be with that family in their home, the family still has a period of adjustment (much like bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital!). The love and support we can show these families is one small way we can care for those in need and the orphans among us.

Thank you all the Women at Sandy MOPS who donated and gave of time and resources to make this service project a success. You are all amazing women who are world changers.

Better Moms. Better World.

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