MOPS Int’l Family Tragedy

As you may or may not have heard, on Wednesday night, as part of our GCBC MOPS Steering team traveled to Kansas City for the MomCon Conference, they passed a terrible accident. Tragically, to find out that a MOPS steering team from Scottsbluff, NE was part of this accident, which killed one, Jennifer Jones of Torrington, WY and left another, Larrah ‘Katie’ Gurnsey in critical condition. Please pray for these families and individuals involved.

We as a MOPS Group will be reaching out to this MOPS group and their families. We will be taking donations for both families and the amount we raise, GCBC MOPS will match.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding donating to these families.  In the mean time, be praying! Life is so fleeting, but to loose a loved one in this manner is difficult to bear.

This will also be a long road of recovery for Katie, and many prayers and support is needed.  You can follow Katie’s progress and know how to pray for her HERE.