Fruit Flies-O’my!

Is it just me or are the fruit flies driving you crazy?!? Its that time of year where the fruit flies enjoy the fruits of harvest (and the warmth of your home).  I don’t necessarily enjoy eating and having fruit flies swarming my head or food; OR my kitchen for that matter. Even when the fruit has been removed from the area, I still find them flying around (grrr.)  Here is a great recipe to get rid of these little nuisances:

Fruit Fly Juice

1/2 C Apple Cider Vinegar

1/2 C Apple Juice

1 Tbsp Dish Soap

Gently stir together in a bowl. Place on your counter near a concentration of fruit flies. The fruit flies will be attracted to the bowl and will end up drowning. Unfortunately you end up with a bowl of dead fruit flies, but at least they are no longer swarming you, your food and and/or kitchen.