January 28th Meeting

The 2nd meeting in January was a great time getting to know our new mentor mom, Lori Foreman, and her experiences as a the wife of a husband in the FBI and her complete dependence on God during the difficult times and the times where they had many unknowns and how God sustained them. God is good.

We are grateful for Martha Cardon for coming and talking to us about her experience and survival story of having breast cancer. Martha reminded us that we need to be our own advocate and to educate ourselves; to not take health concerns lightly but to have them checked out. Because she did those things, she was able to catch her cancer at the end of Stage 1.  This experience changed her and has improved her overall health with living a preventive lifestyle.  You can read about some of the changes she made in her health HERE.

During the meeting we were also able to work on a simple, but beautiful craft for decorating around our house.  I don’t know about you, but I’m addicted to doing this now!

We painted glass with Elmer’s Glue and Food Coloring (gel not liquid). Repeating coats of the glue/food coloring depending on the color saturation.  What an easy craft with amazing results.  You can find additional instructions on Pinterest. (NOTE: prevent dripping as much as possible to get the best results)